The days are certainly getting noticibly longer which is brilliant as I am able to squeeze more useful hours into the day.

The fencing at the farm entrance is now complete and we are very pleased with it. The entrance has been widened to make turning easier and we are just waiting for our new 'welcome' sign.

After finishing the fencing I have moved on with trying to sort out my recent purchase of the Land Rover. After initially getting excited about the project disappointment began to filter through when there seemed to be a million of things that needed to be done, and then like sun breaking through a grey dull sky things are starting to look up again. Used it today for an 'official' job of repairing fencing on the farm and all seemed good. I can know start it on a key rather than hotwiring it with a long screwdriver each time I use it. I have now got some seats too which helps the ride across the fields somewhat. The bonnet is now the correct one, which hels as the Series 2 one that seemed to come with it flapped about everytime I went over a some It has a sort of ignition light and seems to be charging the battery once running. The exhaust has been improved which means not only the noise in South Shropshire has been reduced but also has the ridiculous amount of smoke inside the cab. I have replaced the back window and rivetted a quick plate by the pedals to stop stones mud and general debris from flying up off the tyres into my face. When it starts to rain again I will probably have to try and sort out the windows in the doors but all is good now.

Tomorrow is more fencing and then preparation for the first show of the season is on Thursday. Quite looking forward to the first show which is at Greenfields, Donnington Telford.


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