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After sort of hoping that the start of the New Year was going to be nice and gentle it seems as if we are busier than ever! It is disappointing that the Quest for finding wood has reared its ugly head again and dead standing trees are under threat. A major wood gathering mission needs to be launched again for now and the future. A winch attached to something has to be the answer as so many trees are just out of reach. I want to keep 'getting stuck' in a vahicle to a minimum because it is tedious.... Forever on the quest of learning new things I attended an online marketing seminar at the new Shrewsbury Food Centre. I already dip my toe into Facebook and Twitter but not really grasping how it could be properly used regarding marketing. I certainly have an interest and I also quite like the fact that this type of marketing and information sharing can all be done for free. The course run by 4 startersuk and sponsored by Shropshire County Council was very good indeed and I thoro