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2018 On Mahorall Farm Welcome to Mahorall Farm Blog for 2018. Here is a summary of what has been going on the farm during each month.  December Only a handful of cider shows this month which included Weston Park and Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre which was a total of 3 show days. After a busy year it was quite nice to have a more gentle month for the run up to Christmas. Our cider stand at Much Wenlock Christmas Fair  November  Apple pressing . This month is all dedicated to making and hopefully finishing cider pressing. Cider went well albeit the apples were a bit smaller but surprisingly there was certainly plenty of them! October  Apple picking on the farm and pressing time! Collecting apples on the farm Our own trees this year produced a good crop of apples this year and I managed to find time to collect them before the tide of pheasants arrive.. The influx of Pheasants is always a real pain to be honest as our neighbours rear them and then rele