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Spring 2020.

The lockdown diaries on the farm The shut down of the country in March has meant that all of our lives have been somewhat different. This unprecedented time was new territory and only time would tell what it would all mean to each of us individually. As a family we had to take stock of what would be the consequences for us firstly as a small family, then the farm and the business. As with everybody things moved very quickly indeed and lots of things including what you would normally consider small, suddenly became important. As much as you could, you needed to order things but also to take a look at things as a whole. I feel normally relatively far removed from the real world and I am comfortable with how things are. I am sure I am not alone in thinking there is a lot of mind clutter (in normal times anyway) that can fill your head and I normally try and keep it to a minimum. As the the lockdown took hold a torrent of  negative information was across all the media sou