First drop of rain this morning for quite a few days. More birdsong in the morning which helps to reinforce that spring is just around the corner. No yellow daffodils quite yet - still just the leaves poking up out of the ground.

Fencing went quite well yesterday despite the Land Rover deciding that it had had enough at the end of the day and refused to start. I am hoping that this is because I did not use the tedious 'warming up' of the plugs for long enough AND I have started and stopped it about 8 times during the day and it never really had a good chance to charge. Apart from this I think the Land Rover is going to be quite a success as it enables me to get to the more remote parts of the farm to do jobs.
Today I am loading up the van and heading off up to Telford for this evening. Stopping the night and cracking on with the farmers market at Telford for the weekend. Looking forward to a couple of nights out in Newport but not so much the early mornings....

Had an intense late afternoon the other day when the foal was dealt with. Tamed is too strong a word but a head collar was applied after much wailing and gnashing of teeth. What a feisty animal - jumped a gate from standstill and it was hard work to say the least. Didn't hear much horse whispering at all more horse swearing! I even heard the word slaughter house being shouted but I am assuming that was just in the heat of the moment. We were all quite chuffed the job has been done until I went to feed the horses this morning and lo and behold the head collar has fallen off..... a very, very disappointing sight to greet me.


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