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2012... Not a great start to 2012. I was hoping for a gentle cushioned entry to the new year with the essence of a bit of relaxing and clearing of ones head. I had great Christmas time and also a fun new years eve around at some friends house. A couple of weeks into January and it all seemed to implode slightly. The van required a lot of work to get through the MOT which was an unfortunate surprise. It seems to have suddenly gone downhill. So the hunt is on for another van. This was a shame as we were wanting to have a whole load of bottling done and deliveries etc. The discovery's head gasket blew at the same time and I also had to wade through my accounts to submit my tax return for the end of January. I never find January an easy month as the days are of course quite short and the countryside while sometimes it can look great in the winter is usually quite drab and dirty. It should be a time for us to regroup and do lots of planning. We have started to book a few shows for the f