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 Mid summer - early winter 2020  Determined to make the most of this most unusual year the overall theme has been trying to catch up on numerous jobs on the farm. With having no shows or parties at the farm for once I had extra time on my hands to do many small jobs that needed to be done. As with the last post the order of activities are in reverse order.  November   Lockdown 2 - We decided to close the farm when the second lockdown was announced. Initially the new laws prohibited us from opening and then at the last minute 'breweries' were allowed with a click and collect service. The shop usually gets quieter anyway and coupled with the 'essential' travel only' element we have decided to shut. Following on from the above we have decided now to shut the shop at the farm until spring 2021.  We have plans to improve the buildings and shop and this will enable us to carry out the work and reopen again when the work is complete ready for spring next year. All quite ex