The website is continuing to be improved and admittedly I have got carried away with uploading photographs..

The fence project at the entrance to the farm has almost been completed and it is looking fantastic - vast improvement.

I have recently purchased an MOT failure old Land-Rover which I am quite excited about. Managed to get the engine working, pulled it out of someones field and mangaged to get back home. Many thanks to my buddy Rupert which seems to be more excited about the whole project than me. Yes it does need some attention such as clutch, brakes and floor pans but the main thing is that the engine works and its deisel. My intention is to use as a run about on the farm and save the unnecessary wear and tear on the transit van. IF it all goes well I am planning to purchase a winch and will help me get firewood from the remote places on the farm.

Photograph of the Land- Rover is on the website.

Today started with locating the horses which seemed to decide to break through the fence and go for walkabouts on the farm. All very exciting (for them). Now they have been relocated in a more secure fenced area.

The weather is fantastic today - nice and bright and warm in the sun. Definately a sniff of spring in the air today.


  1. thanks for adding our site to your links page Chris!

    hope to see you soon.

    Jim C.


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