Well we are just about coming to the end of March and I have no idea where it is has gone!

The days are getting longer and with the clocks changing in a few days it will be even better. It is just as well so more things can be a done in a day!

I have been going to a more social networking courses and I feel I have taken on board as much as I can handle now. Very interesting stuff and I can certainly see how it can increase brand awareness. Now over 150 followers which I am quite impressed withI am looking forward to putting it to good use when we launch a few things that are in the pipeline. Yes we do have a good few things in the cooking pot that are coming together quite nicely.

Went to an interesting talk on The Much Wenlock Olympian Trail plans next year. Much Wenlock or more to the point a man called Penny Brooks contributed to the rebirth of the Olympics that we know today. Quite hard to believe but it is true. We are hoping to be on the map (quite literally) when people hopefully visit Much Wenlock next year. It is always useful to feel as if you are in the loop. Met one or two interesting people too AND another talk on social networking...

I am a bit concerned I have not got round to the wood gathering mission for this year but I have my eye on a number of trees which I can just reach albeit on a slope so next week I must do something about it.

I have decided to make more hay this year as the demand has gone mad after this winter. Hay making is fun IF it all goes well but challenging when you are doing it and the fear of the heavens opening.


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