February 2020

Rain, rain, more rain and gales...

The weather continues to be even more challenging with gales and relentless rain. When it rains the results are that it is more difficult to get onto the fields with machinery without doing damage or more to the point getting stuck!
One project I have managed to at least start, is to replace an important fence that borders the farm drive. The advantage is that I can do most of the work using the hard surface of the drive so no mess in the fields. It has to be done before spring as the fence line was very weak.

There was also the situation that undergrowth has started to grow up in the fenceline which makes it impossible to tighten the wire so the only option is to start again.

With all of the torrential rain we have experienced the streams on the farm become torrents but on the whole we are lucky as we are on the side of a hill that we are relatively unaffected by the rain.

But when we get gales we do feel quite exposed and vulnerable. …
2018 On Mahorall Farm
Welcome to Mahorall Farm Blog for 2018. Here is a summary of what has been going on the farm during each month.

Only a handful of cider shows this month which included Weston Park and Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre which was a total of 3 show days. After a busy year it was quite nice to have a more gentle month for the run up to Christmas.